Setting Business Hours – SCCM Clients

So whilst bearing the sole burden of deploying software and configurations to multiple sites and users within different time zones, It would make sense to do this with some level of control and expectation.

I have yet to receive confirmation on actual working hours for all of these members of staff so its pretty hard to decide on maintenance windows within SCCM.. My solution for the time being is to utilise the SCCM client side functionality to dictate the working hours:


This functionality to me at least  provides a level of transparency, and flexibility should we decide in future to allow staff to dictate how and when deployments can occur, thus minimising any dramas.

So the image above is how the SCCM client is set by default upon installation… In order to put something more sensible in here we either need to instruct the users to update it themselves, or atleast populate the data with something more fitting.

This can be scripted, so I have done this via powershell:


Using this script, I have now set the values for all clients to be:


Another good reason for using PowerShell in this case is that you can implement the code into SCCM compliance.. More on that in another post


SCCM Distribution Point Binding Bug

So I had to reinstall the primary site server the other day due to a multiple issues with management framework…

When adding DP’s back to the newly reinstalled estate I found that they could not communicate with the PS via https… when investigating on the DP’s directly, I found the following entries within its IIS website bindings:


Looks like re adding the site server as a Distribution Point involves some form of scripting of the binding values?

Either way the entries were invalid, and cannot even be entered in manually within the format above… naturally this caused the site to fail.

Moral of the story?

Probably a good idea to perform a remote clear down of a DP’s configuration if you plan to reinstall it… I think next time I will temporarily reassign all DP’s to an alternative Primary Site, before re-assigning them back!